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Quotient Guardian
Cyber Security Managed Service

Cyber security packages specifically tailored to protect you and your business.

To protect your business, you need IT security that performs to specification. Cyber security packages from Quotient are customised to give you the best in protection when and where you need it most.

We offer three tiers of protection with packages to ensure you have the best defences in place for your requirements and budget. Our packages bundle selected services into a single managed cyber security service as an add on to your managed IT support contract.

Quotient's Cyber Security Managed Service anticipates and rapidly identifies threats.  We protect your entire environment, including the network, the cloud, endpoints, and your staff.


Additionally, we assist businesses to meet government and regulatory obligations, all within the confines of a cost-contained managed service model.

Quotient Guardian Packages

Guardian Essentials

  • 24x7 Threat Monitoring

  • Protection from unauthorised logins, installations or elevated access

  • Detect and Expose Hacker Footholds

  • Advanced Breach Detection

  • Risk Scoring, Alert Profiles &
    Event Logging

  • Sensitive Data Discovery

  • Dark Web Monitoring

Quotient Guardian Essentials
Quotient Guardian Enhanced

Guardian Enhanced

  • All Guardian Essentials features; and

  • Attack Anticipation

  • Enhanced Containment of Network Threats

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven Threat Detection

  • Ransomware Attack Prevention with real-time rollback

  • Access to 24x7 Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Locate PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

Guardian Complete

  • All Guardian Enhanced features; and

  • Auto Immunisation

  • Insurance Policy Compliance

  • Enhanced Reporting Services

Quotient Guardian Complete
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