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Cyber Security

Cyber Security swirl

Protect your essential data, systems and IT infrastructure with the latest cyber security solutions

These are the hard facts; today's cyber criminals are clever, well-funded, and dedicated to breaching your data.  Many organisations believe they're protected from cyber threats, but in many cases this is proven to be incorrect, and costly.​

Failure to protect your business from cyber threats has the potential to cause significant financial burden, as well as damage to your brand and reputation.

There are many demands on businesses today, and nearing the top of this list is the basic requirement to protect both the company's and customer's critical information.


Even the best applications can experience failure and expose sensitive data to those who would intend to abuse it, so it is essential that you are vigilant and have a tried and tested action plan, should an incident occur.

Businesses engage Quotient to get a comprehensive understanding of their cyber risk profile.  We run a number of different processes and tests to gain a full understanding of your cyber risks, which we then present back to you.


Our report includes a full overview of any exposures, and a remediation plan to patch any identified issues.  We can even include an ongoing Cybersecurity Managed Service to provide ongoing coverage and security.

Cyber Security:
The stats...


of employees admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers


of employees admitted to opening an attachment in an email from an unknown source


of employees admitted to clicking on a link in an email from an unknown source

Cyber Security Services

Suited to organisations of all sizes, our cyber security solutions safeguards businesses from the latest malicious threats and vulnerabilities. We work closely with industry-leading security and business continuity partners to ensure we provide the most advanced protection available.

Understanding Your Cyber Risk Profile

Having a comprehensive understanding of your cyber posture is critical to building a robust security framework.  Here are some initial questions to ask yourself:

Do you know what the biggest cyber risks are in your industry?

Do you have an understanding of the cyber activity in your industry and how it relates to your business?

Do you know which cyber-criminals would benefit from having access to your information and systems?

Do you know what information about your business is currently in the public domain, and to what extent?

Have you considered how the above points affect your risk profile and subsequent ability to respond to a cyber attack?

Identifying Your Business Critical Assets

Do you know what information and systems your business needs to maintain its successful operation?

Do you know where your business critical information and data is stored?

Do you know who has access to this information and data?

Do you understand the risks associated with information held by partners or third party suppliers?

Do you know how effective your digital assets are protected currently?

Do you know what the impact and consequences will be if your data is compromised?

Understanding the
Essential Eight Maturity Model

In order to significantly increase the cyber resilience of Australian businesses, the Australian Federal Government introduced a framework of mitigation strategies and security controls.  This framework is known as the Essential Eight.  Growing upon the original four cybersecurity strategies that were developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the Essential Eight has been specifically designed to achieve three primary objectives:


  1. Prevent attacks

  2. Limit attack impact, and

  3. Data availability

Essential 8 logo

To learn more about the Essential Eight framework, and what it means for your business, click the link below:

Cyber Security

Managed Service

To assist businesses in achieving high levels of cyber security resilience and protection, Quotient have created a tiered Cyber Security Managed Service model.  We call this model, Quotient Guardian.

Our Quotient Guardian packages provide a range of real-time, proactive cybersecurity capabilities for businesses that value the security of their sensitive data.

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